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Passionate about helping you to feel good about yourself through fitness.

  • Personal Trainer

  • Group Fitness Instructor

  • Advanced Les Mills Instructor: Body Pump; Body Combat; Body Attack; Body Balance; Core and Barre

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Advocate

  • No Nonsense, Fads or Quick Fixes!

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2018, inspiring hundreds of people to have fun and enjoy training in ways that suit them individually.

I am a dedicated Group Fitness Instructor, teaching a variety of classes every week in gyms around Manchester. Since finding my passion for fitness classes 5 years ago I haven’t looked back. I have devoted countless hours to training and upskilling myself, not only to be physically capable of instructing others, but to have the in-depth knowledge necessary to precisely explain the individual benefits for each client.

I am determined to help those who feel lost, confused or let down by the health & fitness industry. Those who have perhaps made a start with their journey, but aren’t sure what to do next and feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice out there!

I was in that exact same position 5 years ago. I was  doing a few random workouts each week I found online with zero goals or know-how, trying to eat salad as much as possible and cut out “bad foods” to be “healthy.”

I was getting nowhere, but didn’t understand why – 5 years on and it’s so obvious it hurts!

My mission is simple: I am passionate about helping you to feel good about yourself through fitness. I am NOT the kind of trainer who will programme gruelling workout regimes or create diet plans with calories suitable for a toddler! 

What I will do is work with you, to help you be excited, not just about training but about living life! I will keep in regular contact with you, understanding what barriers prevent you from getting the most out of your days. I will take you through not only physical workouts but lifestyle and wellbeing drills to reinvigorate all areas of your life!

If this sounds like the right step for you then get in touch. I can’t wait to start working with you…

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